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Selected works

2023                      2022                       2021                        2020                        2019/2018                        2017/2016


'The Optimist vs. A Category 3', 2021, 180cm x 100cm, Oil on linen

Play Me Like A Cheap Kazoo install.jpg

'Play Me Like a Cheap Kazoo', 2021, 115cm x 85cm, Oil on flax


'Headlights', 2021, 200cm x 130cmOil on flax

V.O Studios, Grace Lee, IG.jpg

'Hindsight in 1680', 2021, 60cm x 100cm, Oil on linen

The Opener install IG.jpg

The Opener, 2021, 40cm x 60cm, Oil on linen

IG ‘Dug Courage’.jpg

'Dug Courage', 2021, 120cm x 80cm, Oil on linen

Happy Army_IG.jpg

'Happy Army', 2021, 200cm x 130cmOil on linen

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