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Selected works

2023                      2022                       2021                        2020                        2019/2018                        2017/2016

Predate install banner.jpg

'Predate', 2022, 112cm x 77cm, Oil on linen

Happy And I Know It install.jpg

'Happy and I Know It', 2022, 150cm x 120cmOil on flax

Cookie Cutter Crime-2 copy.jpg

'Cookie Cutter Crime', 2022, 200cm x 135cm, Oil on linen

Fool Me Twice install.jpg

'Fool Me Twice', 2022, 130cm x 80cmOil on flax

Away in a-manger install.jpg

'Away in à-Manger', 2022, 70cm x 40cmOil on flax

Doing Damn Fine install.jpg

'Doing Damn Fine', 2022, 25cm x 28cmOil on flax

Shots Fired install.jpg

'Shots Fired', 2022, 115cm x 80cmOil on flax

The Less They Like You, The More I Do_Install.jpg

'The less they like you, the more I do', 2022, 1000cm x 80cmOil on linen

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